Do you love cycling? Are you building a career in cycling? Or do you simply want to start cycling as a hobby or a workout? Regardless, you are in the right place.

This is a cycling magazine for those with a passion for this outdoor sport. We are here to help you achieve the best rides you can ever have on your bike. On our site, you can access a whole library of product reviews, buying guides, and tips & tricks about cycling.

We have experts 

We take pride in our team, which consists of professional cyclists and experts that we are so lucky to be able to put together. They are the best people to provide information for you thanks to their deep insight in the field as well as years of experience on the bike. 

How do our experts test products?

One of the best things that set us apart from other websites out there is the level of expertise and how we conduct testing to build product reviews.

First of all, our team comprises a number of professional cyclists and experts who are not only passionate about cycling but also the best in the field. 

Our cyclists have years of experience in cycling, they know exactly what’s needed for a good performance as well as all the techniques that help you cycle better, from basic to advanced. Meanwhile, our experts have incredible insights into products and manufacturing processes. These are the best people to analyze and decide what’s right for you based on your needs.

And then, how we make reviews is unique too. We use the actual product and conduct two steps of testing. 

The first one is to use it on a regular basis in accordance with the real-life use frequency. From this test, we can show you how the product will perform in the real world when in use. You can also see if it has any advantage or disadvantage when applied to your regular use. 

The second test we conduct is somewhat called the resistance test. We put the tested product under the toughest conditions it can encounter in real life to show you how it holds up. However, we will divide this process into multiple stages, gradually increasing the intensity so that you can see different levels of durability and find one that fits yourself.

How do our experts deliver product reviews?

After that, we assess the product as a whole, through all aspects including performance, reliability, and ease of use. Based on our tests, we will tell you how well it can meet the average needs of a ride or type of user. 

Our reviews let you know whether the product is reliable enough for certain activities. Last but not least, through detailed reviews, we want to show you if a product is easy to control and to use. Though this is not the most important thing to talk about, it certainly matters since not everyone can easily get used to a complicated bike or piece of equipment. 

That’s how our reviews are different from those on other sites. Also, for example, when it comes to design, we do not talk about how good it looks but rather how it affects your movement and performance. The look of the bike is important, of course, but from an expert perspective, we would like to completely focus on the performance as it largely determines your overall experience.  

Our experts stay beside you along the way

A huge advantage that comes with a team of experts and professionals is that we can bring any problem to the table and they can solve it for us. With such great support and resources, we are open to all of your questions. Just email us and tell us about your problems in detail, we will answer directly or even build a comprehensive post about the topic you raise.

It’s worth noting that you can read content on your website free of charge. However, each time you buy a product by clicking a link on the site, we will get a small commission to help our team continue to add more and more useful content here. Therefore, buying products through our site is a way to support us and keep the site running.