Can You Use A Trunk Bike Rack On An SUV?

Can You Use A Trunk Bike Rack On An SUV?

Struggling to find a way to move a bike among cyclists is no longer an unusual thing. Especially for those beginners, they might find it hard to find an available option to tackle this issue if their vehicles lack the required roof space or integrated hitch for bike mounting. In this case, a trunk-mounted bike rack for suv will come in as a savior. Matching most types of common cars on the market these days, no need to scratch the dedicated polish of your roof or the cumbersome hitch receiver, the removable frame only needs a little space of your car’s rear-end. The rack can befriend most types of cars, you name it, it is on the friend list: hatchback, minivan, trunk, SUV or car. Therefore, to help you get a better hang of this handy item, we will offer you a list on every detail of it.


Getting your bike scratched and deformed is the last thing you all want, which happens on an often basis thanks to the knocks and bumps the road offers. Living up to its name, the mounted rack core function is to safely carry your bike around the town. The rack has a design preventing all kinds of impact on the bike during the ride: heavy weight of bike, the padding holder, straps, anti-sway measuring and a lot more factors. Thus, be relieved that your bike doesn’t need to suffer from those mentioned damage.

Customer-friendliness is another edge of this product. People when sometimes hearing about bike frames would just freak out due to the needed effort to get their bike off the rack. Rest assured, this product serves with convenience as it takes you no time to unhook the bike from this frame. Besides, the trunk-mounted rack is compatible with the majority of bikes on market nowadays, which is not the norm among other kinds of rack as they are mostly specialized for a unique brand.

Additionally, capacity is also one of its strengths. Most of the racks available at the store often demand a huge chunk of space on your vehicle to strap on. This considers to be a hinder for small cars, leaving their owners in a difficult situation. Trunk-mounted only demands a small horizontal space on your car to be installed, which makes them a household product for everyone.

Types of Truck-Mounted Rack


The Allen Sports PREMIER Trunk Bike Rack
The Allen Sports PREMIER Trunk Bike Rack

The most common type you can easily catch sight of in any store. There is not much to set the fixed type up as they mostly consist of fused or bolted bars already.  The product comes with various capacities from 1 bike and up although two and four-bike racks are more popular than others. However, it does have some drawbacks you have to consider before purchasing one. As I have mentioned, this line of products is non-adjustable so it may bring some awkwardness to your car designed when mounted on.


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